Innovative Investment Brokerage

When money goes looking to acquire and when property goes looking to liquidate, they often end up looking to Colterra. We believe that the right deal is not necessarily the one that seems obvious at first glance.

The key to innovative thinking is to identify what is and is not important to both parties and structure the deal that works for both. That means understanding the commercial and financial factors as well as the psychological factors that are always part of any transaction. Sometimes there are alternative paths to achieve the ultimate goal. Sometimes a transaction must be structured in several phases to build trust and allay fears. Sometimes innovative options such as selling air rights but maintaining all or a portion of the ownership makes a deal that once looked impossible very possible indeed.

We assist clients to identify, analyze, evaluate, negotiate and complete the sale or acquisition of revenue properties. We can provide specialized expertise in the acquisition of disposition of office, industrial, retail, multi-unit residential, hotels, and land.