About us

Colterra is a full service real estate management, consulting and brokerage company. We take care of the full complement of client real estate needs and maintain the highest standards of client service.

At Colterra there is no such thing as business as usual. We see every client as unique and take a fresh perspective on real estate situations that look ordinary at first glance. We bring you innovative real estate solutions by analyzing your options and acting decisively to get you results that go beyond your original expectations.

That could mean imagining your building in a new way and repositioning its use for a new, untapped market. It could mean opening the horizons of a tenant to a new, more advantageous location. It could mean restructuring a sale transaction to make it work better for all parties. It could mean becoming your out-sourced property management or leasing team. The possibilities are endless. What they have in common is our thinking that combines the innovative with the tried and true.

Colterra as a company is new. But its founder, Richard Glickman, has been in the real estate business for over 30 years working among leading Canadian real estate developers, owners and property managers in which he has held leadership positions. His experience includes all facets of real estate including acquisitions and dispositions, leasing, property and asset management, development of residential, commercial, office, industrial, conference and hotel projects, totaling more than 22 million square feet of space.