Innovative Leasing

We make a complicated process simple to understand and a deal beneficial to our client. A lease involves the largest transaction most businesses will ever make. For the landlord, the tenant covenants constitute most of the value of the property. Bringing together the two parties and cementing an agreement that works for both involves a significant number of quantitative and qualitative skills in analysis, finance, communications, negotiations and psychology. Marshaling knowledge, experience and technical savvy with emotional intelligence and an understanding of corporate and personal motivation drives Colterra's leasing services. We know the appropriate properties in play that match the needs of our tenant clients and get the deal signed by making sure the relationship between the tenant, the space, the building and the landlord works on paper and works in practice.

We provide specialized expertise, close connections with economic development agencies, a thorough knowledge of market availability and a team that will facilitate all aspects of negotiating the terms of a win-win lease. These skills apply to the office, industrial and retail sectors.