Colterra Capital

Colterra Capital Corporation, a sister company to Colterra Realties Inc., was formed in the fall of 2012 to invest in and manage real estate on behalf of private and institutional investors and for its own account.

Colterra Capital is 100% owned by its management, and its team is highly experienced and diversified, with expertise in investment, development, asset management, property management and corporate finance.

Colterra Capital’s focus is in primary and strong secondary markets in Quebec, Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and select markets in the United States, notably the Western coast of Florida, seeking small to mid-market multitenant retail, office and industrial properties.

Colterra Capital has targeted three types of properties: firstly, stabilized income producing properties that generate consistent rates of return with the opportunity for capital appreciation as a result of rental growth, leasing up of vacant space, operating efficiencies, refinancing or renewed marketing; secondly, value-added properties such as those with expansion possibilities or that may be repositioned, reconfigured, converted, retrofitted or redeveloped; lastly, Colterra Capital is interested in transactions that involve the assembly of development parcels for up-zoning and eventual development.

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